Through Communication to Integration

International Perspective, Local Context




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Conference “Through Communication to Integration

International Perspective, Local Context”

How to communicate with and about migrants? What is the role of the political representatives in the integration process? What about traditional and #newmedia? How do creative agencies communicate integration related topics?  What are the trends in other European cities?

These and other topics were discussed by experts coming from cities, NGOs, media and creative agencies at the conference “Through Communication to Integration: International Perspective, Local Context”. The conference took place 16th – 17th September 2019 at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP). Within the first day of the conference, we welcomed 121 participants.

The opening talk was delivered by Dani de Torres, director of the Spanish network of intercultural cities, adviser to the Council of Europe on its intercultural cities programme and founder of the Anti-Rumour strategy. The key note was followed by lightning talks presenting successful projects which – using original communication tools and strategies – helped to reinforce more inclusive atmosphere in cities and local communities. Morning session was finished with discussion panel focusing on the role of political representation in the integration process. Afternoon programme was dedicated to the influence of media – both traditional and new – on (de)polarization of the contemporary society. Lastly, creative agencies’ representatives discussed campaigns that stirred Czech public waters in the past years.

The second day of the conference – Tuesday 17th September 2019 – was dedicated to three workshops that were attended by 39 participants from the public administration, NGO sector, media and universities. Tim Röhn, German investigative journalist, led a workshop on how to report about migration and integration topics. Phil Wood, an “urban therapist”, showed us how to use and communicate the topic of cultural diversity as a positive force while planning city strategies. The last workshop was facilitated by Joanna Marcinkowska, integration specialist from the City of Reykjavik Human Rights and Democracy Office, who provided guidance on how to work in culturally diverse teams or how to communicate with people with different background and life experience.

The Integration Centre Prague team would like to thank to all the speakers, panelists and moderators, as well as to all the visitors who attended the conference. Our thanks goes to the production team of the conference, volunteers and – last but not least – the City of Prague who supported the event financially and provided the formal patronage.