Through Communication to Integration

Prague will host international conference on the topic of integration of migrants

Integration Centre Prague (ICP), in cooperation with City of Prague, organizes international conference Through Communication to Integration: International Perspective, Local Context. The event takes place 16th – 17th September 2019 at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) and its goal is to connect local and international professionals from cities, non governmental organisations, media, and creative agencies working in the field of integration and communication. The conference follows the City of Prague Action Plan and is part of the city’s integration strategy.

The opening talk will be delivered by Dani de Torres, director of the Spanish network of intercultural cities, adviser to the Council of Europe on its intercultural cities programme and founder of the Anti-Rumour strategy. “The strategy that Dani de Torres developed helps many cities to fight against xenophobic rumours and it could serve as an interesting inspiration for Prague and other Czech cities,” says Alen Kovačević, ICP’s project manager. Apart from international inspiration, the conference focuses on the local context too. There will be Senator Jiří Dienstbier, the City of Teplice mayor Hynek Hanza and other politicians sharing their experience with integration. “One of the big issues within the integration debate is a question of link between media, media campaigns, and polarization of the society. That is why we invited creative agencies alongside traditional and new media representatives to the conference as well” adds Kovačević.

One of the journalists who accepted invitation to Prague is Tim Röhn – an independent investigative reporter working with many world news outlets will lead a workshop on how to report about migration and integration topics. Alongside a workshop focusing on media, there are two other workshops planned for the second day of the conference. Phil Wood, British expert on diversity and urbanism, will show city and NGO representatives how to work with and communicate about cultural diversity while planning city strategies. An immigration specialist from Reykjavik will guide the workshop participants through how to work in culturally diverse teams and how to communicate with people with different life experience and background.

The conference will be held in Czech and English with translation being provided during both days. The registration is required via the conference website for the conference as well as the workshops. The event is financially supported by the City of Prague and is held under the auspices of Hana Třeštíková, a Prague City Councillor for culture, historic preservation, exhibition management, and tourism.  

Contact: Vanda Maufras Černohorská, conference production,